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Bosses Down
A Whole New World
Feb 7, 15 11:30 PM
For the Horde!
Nov 18, 13 12:49 AM
Last Line of Defense
Nov 2, 13 5:02 PM
Storming into the City
Oct 15, 13 7:59 PM
The Fight for Orgrimmar Begins
Sep 27, 13 8:03 PM
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Other Guild News

A Whole New World

Poras632, Feb 7, 15 11:30 PM.
Following Garrosh to the world of Draenor, Pango Honoratus quickly made alliances with the Frostwolf Clan and spread out through the land to help stave off the forces of the warlords.  The first stop was the ogre stronghold of Highmaul where Pango came face to face with Kargath Bladefist.  Defeating him in short order, Pango pushed their way through the stronghold eventually reaching the top of the tower and Imperator Mar'gok...

For the Horde!

Poras632, Nov 18, 13 12:49 AM.
Finally, having beaten the Paragons, Pango stood face to face with Garrosh, Warchief of the Horde.  With the Heart of Y'Shaarj hanging ominously over the throne room, Pango knew that there was no other option than to stop Garrosh right here in this moment.  A great battle ensued, with Garrosh using everything in is power, including the Heart, to try to overcome the members of Pango.  However, in the end, it was Pango that stood over the defeated orc.  Garrosh Hellscream's rule had at last come to an end...

Last Line of Defense

Poras632, Nov 2, 13 5:02 PM.
Deep in the depths beneath the city of Orgrimmar, Pango made their way closer to Garrosh's throne room.  The Goblin engineer Blackfuse, creator of many of the siege weapons for Garrosh, needed to be stopped as well.  Going head to head with him on his assembly line, Pango put an end of the terrible creations.  All that stood in their way now were the Paragons of the Klaxxi.  The Mantid heros that once employed Pango's members to help stop the Sha now stood against Pango's strongest to protect Garrosh and heart of Y'Shaarj.  Taking on all nine Mantid would truly be a feat, but a feat that Pango would eventually accomplish.  Now, all that remains is to stop Garrosh....

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